Advantages to Students

  • A web based storage facility that can be used by you to document your education, career aspirations, personal best stories, experience and growth that can be built upon and that can be shared with employers
  • An opportunity to publish your photographs and videos of work,
  • Management of published course work and great assignments
  • A great way for students to stand out from the crowd – competitive edge
  • A timeline for you to reflect on where you started and where you are going
  • More than a resume letter
  • It’s a free resume download portal for potential employers
  • Always accessible

An ePortfolio is a great way to stand out amongst the crowd. Follow the link below to find 4 ways an ePortfolio can strengthen your job search .


Advantages to Employers

  • Familiarity with skills and abilities of potential employee before one is hired.
  • Provide a sense of personal attributes of potential employee and allows employer’s time to consider whether they would ‘fit’ into the culture and excel within the organisation
  • Details of potential employees presented in a comparable manner thus saving time and money
  • No process to follow – it’s free resume search portal.
  • Time to consider how the skills and abilities of the potential employee meet the role you have on offer and thus focus questions accordingly.
  • Always accessible